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Our Philosophy

Take a quick look into understanding the philosophy of Optic Financial and the power of Life Insurance. Discover what that means hold on to more of your assets and what that does for your own piece of mind.

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Cash Flow Banking


Do you think your money is safe in the Stock Market? Think again! There is a better way to save and invest money. Cash Flow Banking offers even greater peace of mind and the ability to maximize your return and productivity in every area of your life.

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Wealth Strategies


Money that is in motion and obtaining a multiplier effect tends to be moving faster than the eroding factors of taxes, inflation, allowing you to build and protect your wealth better. For money to perform to its fullest potential, it must be set in motion in a well-choreographed manner.

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Economic Certainty


The game is won by effectively coordinating the various pieces over time…What people really want, when their minds are opened to the possibility, it the maximum value in every area of their life with as much certainty as possible.

Read the article from The Economic Value of Certainty by Les McGuire MBA, first published August 19th, 2003

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