It Can Also Include a Sum of Money

It Can Also Include a Sum of Money

by Michael Isom, September 9, 2016

Family Legacy….

A set of values or traditions that you want to leave for future generations.

It can also include a sum of money to assist in funding or perpetuating those values and traditions.

Questions to ponder:

  1. What do I have currently in place to ensure the best possible outcome for the values and traditions that I want to instill in my family? (Whether I am alive or not)
  2. Will money be a blessing or a curse for my family legacy?  
  3. Will my legacy enhance my kid’s and grand kid’s lives or make them lazy?    
  4. Am I clear in my communication today with those I influence? 
  • About what I value. 
  • About what I believe in. 
  • Care about.
  • Endorse. 
  • Seek after. 

Is it written down?

Clearly communicated through word and action in my life?

I have found in my own life that what I value most:

  • I seek after
  • I obtain
  • I talk about
  • I share with others
  • I write about 
  • I continue to learn about
  • I enhance in my life and in the lives of those around me. 

I have also found that through “experiences” I learn most.
And I am able to share the most as a result.

I am deliberate in what I experience.

I create my reality.

I have and will continue to seek through experience that I want in my life.

And that I want to leave as a family legacy.

It’s a beautiful exchange to be clear about what we want in and around us.

Knowing that as we seek and obtain it we are creating the most for others we come in contact with.

OK, here is the deal with all of this “Legacy thinking” I’ve been writing a lot about lately.

When we “think legacy” on a regular basis we are more deliberate than ever about extracting the “life lessons” in and around us.



It’s okay to have self interest.

Think back when you last served someone.

How much you benefited and how much they did too.

Thinking Legacy is a beautiful way to live.

It creates a tremendous ripple effect of abundance.

It fosters Growth, Accountability and Stewardship with in us and those around us.

Ensure the most for you and those around you by “Thinking Legacy” to an even greater degree than ever before.

In Prosperity,

Michael Isom