michaelMichael Isom – Wealth & Protection Strategist

Owner Optic Financial Creator of the 20/20 Personal Banking System Michael Isom, began selling mobile phones while going to college in 1993. Due to his natural ability in sales he was earning over $250,000 a year at the age of 22. By doing so he was quickly exposed to many things financial in his life; 401k’s, term life insurance, CDs, money markets, IRA’s, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, VUL’s, and real estate. This exposure and many other experiences led him to find his passion in life in 1999, which is: what is true about money, what is not, and why. He has formally studied macro-economics in finance since 1999.

He has assisted hundreds of clients with this knowledge in utilizing financial products in coordination with all other money decisions, which is the key to achieving a high rate of return with low risk. Michael was a business partner with Garrett Gunderson for over 7 years. They met in 2000 while Garrett was still in college. They have spent thousands of hours studying macro-economics together and traveling the country to attend financial workshops, seminars, and symposiums. Not only have they been business partners, but also trusted friends for over a decade.

Michael Isom is a Principal/Owner of Optic Financial, along with his business partner Barry Brooksby, specializing in Wealth & Protection strategies, assisting clients in increasing their wealth and benefits, while lowering their risk at the same time. Michael has been married since December of 1993 to his best friend Wendy and is the father of two very talented kids, Kennedy and Kadin. Michael enjoys fitness training at a high level, most things with a motor in it, and spending time traveling the world with Wendy, Kennedy and Kadin.

barryBarry Brooksby – Wealth & Protection Strategist

Barry Brooksby has been involved in the financial and investment industry for over 16 years and helped build a multi-million-dollar real estate empire. This real estate and financial advising experience has enabled him to assist his clients in many aspects of their financial lives – especially providing them with guarantees, certainty, and peace of mind.

He is Co-Owner of Optic Financial, along with his business partner Michael Isom.

Barry specializes in wealth and protection strategies, income optimization, and “big picture” planning. He assists clients to increase their personal and business wealth, increase income, lower risk, and optimize assets. Barry is great with people and responsive to their needs. He feels that there is nothing more important than relationships. Those that work with Barry will appreciate his attention to detail and his ability to educate them on key concepts and ideas to generate more wealth and income, and to leave a greater legacy to heirs.

Barry and his wife Mindy, of over 21 years, have resided in St. George, Utah since 2009, and are the proud parents of 5 children. Barry enjoys playing the guitar, mountain biking, and spending time with his family.


Lacey P. Martin – Executive Assistant to Michael Isom

Lacey P. Martin has become an important part of the Optic Financial Executive Team. Lacey’s passion for working with individuals and assisting them through difficult situations proven time after time to be quite an asset. Her ability to quickly adapt and her high level of organization enhance the overall Optic Financial Client Experience with each person feeling completely understood and that their needs are being met throughout the process. “I am not just looking to provide an answer, I am looking for a way to make the client comfortable and confident with their decision to work with us.” says Lacey.

A versatile executive with 10+ years experience delivering unparalleled client service Lacey’s unique and wide-ranging skill set has enabled her to successfully contribute in a variety of supervisory and management roles. Leveraging her experience, Lacey is known for outstanding client service, with the client’s best interests at heart. She believes strongly that it is not only her duty to assist clients to the best of her ability with the proper follow up from each appointment to the next, but to also facilitate a high level of understanding and implementation throughout every step of the unique process here at Optic Financial.

Lacey is passionate about spending quality time with her family and her pets and when she is not hard at work in the office you can find her enjoying her weekends relaxing with her family or out with her dogs. From Malibu, CA and avid pet enthusiast Lacey has always been involved with and supports a variety of non-profit organizations such as Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and Elks National Foundations.

dvnfairmontbwDerick Van Ness – Client Development Manager

Derick has been a financial advocate and small business owner since 2001 and has helped over 1000 families reach their financial (and life) goals in that time. As someone who’s passionate about business and success, Derick built a wildly successful real estate investing firm by the age of 31 which enabled him to discover and explore the financial habits and strategies of the wealthy at an early age. He believes that most people’s lack of financial literacy is the #1 obstacle to them living up to to their fullest potential, and he’s driven to help remove that road block.

Derick has a unique ability to take complex financial ideas and break them down into simple, easy to understand concepts when working with clients. His vast experience in business, real estate, and finance allows him to see the entire “Macro” picture and understand what “Micro” changes will have to biggest impact. Many have said his insight has changed their lives in massive, positive ways.

Derick has lived all over the United States, but currently lives in Solana Beach where he spends his leisure time swing dancing, painting, and learning to sail.


nateguggiabiopic-002Nate Guggia- Client Development Manager

In 2008, after being introduced to Garret Gunderson and his revolutionary view on wealth, Nate was given the rare opportunity to move to Salt Lake City, UT without the promise of a permanent place on Garrett’s team. Within 30 days, Nate up-rooted his life, left his family and friends and moved to Salt Lake City, UT. Those around him thought he was crazy to follow such uncertainty. Some even told him that he was destined for failure. But he firmly believes that when purpose and opportunity align, there’s no other choice. After 12 months of mentorship, Nate was promoted to financial architect where he worked with high-level entrepreneurs in crafting their personalized financial blueprint. He then shifted roles, becoming the resident Cash Flow Specialist for Wealth Factory.

Now, Nate brings this level of expertise to Optic Financial as Client Development Manager where he works one-on-one with clients to uncover their financial inefficiencies along with supporting in marketing, joint venture relationships and the overall growth of the firm in expanding market reach.

He currently resides in beautiful Salt Lake City, UT with his wife Sarah, son Drew and 4 adopted dogs and cats.